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The first certified DOA holder and independent CAMO certified by OTAR-39 rules in the Republic of Kazakhstan



Outstanding Service and Quality Standard



Reaching the Top

2ТОР was founded by a group of aviation professionals in 2022 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Thanks to a wide and varied set of skills and expertise of our team, we are able to tackle any kind of project from minor modification to supplemental type certificate.​

At the end of 2022 our company has successfully passed IAC (Interstate Aviation Committee) certification under    AP-21 requirements and became the first DOA holder in the Republic of Kazakhstan.


2ТОР is an ambitious company which aims high. Our name truly speaks for itself as we constantly strive for  great service and excellent results. Every project for us is a challenge that we successfully overcome. Our goal is to ensure that every project accomplished by the 2TOP team is the standard of quality and reliability in the aviation industry.

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